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A'Shawn Robinson Visiting Florida State

Wescott Eberts

With the Texas Longhorns off this weekend, it was supposed to be a pretty slow Friday in the news world regarding Texas football.

Until, that is, news broke in the morning about a 2013 Texas commit taking an unexpected visit:

The news broke from the Dallas Mustangs Twitter feed, the AAU team that Robinson plays with during basketball season. Is the visit related to AAU basketball? Is Robinson seriously considering the Seminoles?

At this point, little is known about the visit, as it came completely out of the blue and without warning. During the summer, there were rumors that Robinson was planning on visiting USC, but the visit never happened and concern about Robinson looking around died down.

How important is Robinson to the recruiting class? He's the only true defensive lineman committed at the moment with few 2014 prospects emerging at the position, and the highest-rated recruit in the class following his post-The Opening boost in the rankings and the decommitment of Ricky Seals-Jones.

So, yeah, he's important.

Stay tuned on this one.