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Bevo's Roundup: Party in Manhattan

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Bill Snyder is a happy man. Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images.


"I think I mastered the underthrow," Ash joked after the Mississippi game. [Killeen Daily Herald]

The Horns need to use Johnathan Gray and D.J. Monroe more. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

I wouldn't have thunk it. [AAS]

Raise your hand if you predicted Mack Brown would be spending more time explaining botched plays in the Longhorns' defensive secondary than interceptions thrown by his quarterback.

Mack Brown talks improvement. [ESPN]

Receivers vs. defensive backs on LHN. [Texas Sports]


Landry Jones blamed himself. [NewsOK]

"I played terrible," Jones said. "The majority of this game is in my hands. ... We were playing really dumb football, me especially."

Maybe the Sooners aren't who we think they are? [NewsOK]

Just so there's no one out there still in denial, let's be clear: The Sooners are not who we thought they are or even who we thought they might be.

They are not a championship-contending team. The cracks of team discipline since winter, the cracks on the field, have shown themselves.

The grades are in and it isn't good. [NewsOK]

So sad. [NewsOK]

Oklahoma's 24-19 loss to Kansas State on Saturday was the Sooners' first to a ranked team at home under Bob Stoops.

Before the loss, OU had won 14 consecutive games vs. ranked opponents at Owen Field in a streak that dated back to 1999.

There was one bright spot in that debacle. [NewsOK]

K-State for Big 12 champion? [ESPN]

We've been saying the same thing for years. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

How Snyder has turned Kansas State into a winner let alone a national threat coaching out of Manhattan remains one of life's great mysteries, right next to those creepy crop circle things. It doesn't make any sense.

Read more here:

It is just one big party for K-State fans. [Bring On The Cats]


TCU has lost starting tailback Waymon James for the season. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

In case you were wondering, TCU has a defense. [Dallas Morning News]

"People have been saying we don’t have any linebackers," TCU head coach Gary Patterson said. "They picked on our linebackers in the pass game. We just have to do our jobs. People are going to take shots. We are a defense that tries to put people on islands, so you have to do your job."

Baylor was busy Saturday afternoon. [CBS Sports]

The transitive property says that Okiahoma State is just bad. [Cowboys Ride For Free]

Does this mean J.D. Walsh will be the starting QB against Texas? [NewsOK]

Even with one quarterback, Wes Lunt, already injured, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has stressed he will not demand that J.W. Walsh, the Cowboys' probable starter against Texas, slides or gets out of bounds when he takes off running. Gundy doesn't want to take away Walsh's aggressive style, one of the biggest strengths of his game.

Yes, it is tough to win on the road. [Rock Chalk Talk]

The Jayhawks were reminded Saturday how tough it can be to get a win on the road. After putting together a solid performance for much of the game, and perhaps even looking like the better team at times, Kansas fell apart down the stretch and lost to the Huskies after giving up 17 unanswered fourth quarter points.

Billy Gillespie is a creep. [Rant Sports]


If Notre Dame wins, then NBC Sports wins. [Forbes]

Now there may be seven bowl games participating in the national college football semifinal playoffs. [LA Times]

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