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Joe Bergeron Cleared To Play Against Oklahoma State

Ever since the Ole Miss game, Texas Longhorns fans have been fretting about the injury status of running back Joe Bergeron, linebacker Jordan Hicks, and kicker Anthony Fera.

On Tuesday, those fans received good news on one of those fronts, as Bergeron first showed up on the Longhorn Network in pads for practice, then later confirmed that he is good to go against the Pokes, barring a setback to his injured shoulder:

Of course, Bergeron's injury was never of the greatest concern, as it was termed a shoulder contusion in the first place and came at a time during the Ole Miss game when there was no reason to take chances with any type of injury.

The prognosis on Hicks isn't known at this point, but there wasn't a lot of optimism there on the part of ESPN Horns Nation writer Carter Strickland on Tuesday:

The word on Fera is that he's kicking, but the training staff wants to see how he responds to that work:

So, it looks like Bergeron is 100% set to play at this point, the odds on Hicks are probably around 20%, and Fera may be around 80%, as long as he didn't experience too much soreness after his work.

Just scattershooting there, but word on the street is that people love percentages.