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Bevo's Roundup: Thursday, Sept. 27

The tough conference stretch begins.


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Texas hasn't played in Stillwater since 2009.

The Horns need their mojo back.

"The goal is to win the conference," Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat said. "You want to win the conference? This is the first step."

Just how good is Texas?

The Offensive line is taking things personally.

"I really think since last year we weren't happy with our pass protection and within the last year we've really taken it as a challenge to be in the right spot when we're getting the blitz," said right guard Mason Walters. "Last year, we didn't understand the offense well enough as an offensive line to be able to adjust on the run. We take it personally, we don't want David to get hit."

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Poke CB Justin Gilbert is fast.

Mike Gundy does a lot with a little.

For whatever it's worth, Texas' recruiting classes regularly rank well ahead of Oklahoma State's.

On the field, it hasn't been worth much — the Cowboys own a two-game winning streak in the series, with both victories coming in Austin.

Not true at all. Gundy doesn't think we care about his QB.

This is just awful.

Big 12 Conference

“There’s so many good offenses in the Big 12 and if you think we’re going to just shut ‘em down, you’re nuts. You’ve got to keep playing no matter what happened the previous possession, no matter what happened the previous play.’’ - Dana Holgorsen

Unbelievable. Some Sooners fans want a QB change.

Bob Stoops is quite the optimist. That Kansas State loss will not hurt the Sooners' crystal ball run at all.

Sounds simple enough. How does Bill Snyder do it?

"We say all the time to keep it between the white lines and play error-free football," Snyder said last week before doing just that against Oklahoma.

West Virginia plays their first conference game this Saturday and they are already making snide comments about their opponent.

Iowa State has a rap song.

Lee Corso was not shot by the West Virginia Mountaineer.

Kansas State does not want to be called K-State. Someone needs to tell the university's long-range planning committee.

The complete transition, however, may be difficult. Schulz gave members of the council a copy of the school's long-range plan. It's called "K-State 2025: A Visionary Plan for Kansas State University."

K-State Kansas State is selling t-shirts to commemorate their win over OU.

Tommy Tuberville feels pretty good about that No. 1 defense ranking.

The Jayhawks have a bad reality show.

“Today, we watched the fourth quarter,” KU coach Charlie Weis said. “The entire team watched the entire fourth quarter, from (Tyler) Patmon’s interception right to the end of the game; consecutive plays, so they see how you go from a two-score lead to losing the game.”

“That wasn’t a punishment at all,” he said. “That was reality.”

Open Range

Nebraska AD Tom Osbourne has retired.

The Aggies have their hands out. Again.

The Texas A&M University System plans to spend up to $450 million on renovations to Kyle Field to keep home football games in College Station and wants local governments to pitch in $38 million.

Steve Spurrier isn't sure if Missouri is fit to be a member of the SEC.

UL Monroe has a unique business model.

He could be back. Bobby Pertino may return to a school near you.

Some coaches just blow smoke.

For most college football coaches, spin is second nature. When they're winning, they try to manage expectations. When they're losing, they try to turn the heat away from themselves.