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Daily Round Up: Friday, Sept. 28

The Pokes are up this Saturday.

"The big thing is not abandoning the run if you don't have success," Applewhite said. "You have to make them keep honoring it."

David Ash is popular.

"Before last week, I don't think there was anybody who liked me," said Ash, who threw for a career-high 326 yards and four touchdowns at Mississippi on Sept. 15. "Now, everybody likes me."

The Texas offense needs to assert itself early in the game.

That brings us back to Ash and the importance of his kennel of greyhounds and the offensive line they'll be running behind. Texas must assert itself early and control time of possession. If Texas is able to move the line of scrimmage as easily as Texas bettors move Vegas' line, Texas will win this game.

Hope floats. Or not.

Given a choice between self-delusion and an absence of hope, Mack Brown will take fooling himself every time. Ignorance might not always be bliss, but hopelessness is misery. Of that much Brown said he's certain.

Good to know. Texas D has been practicing tackling this week.

It is time for the defense to put up or shut up.

The defense needs to live up to the hype.

Until the Longhorns prove something against those teams, they're not going to make any lofty pronouncements about their defense.

"We can't talk," safety Kenny Vaccaro said. "But we can talk after these three games."

It is time for Steve Edmond to step up.

Desmond Jackson earned the nickname Tank.

The bad news? The Pokes have beaten Texas for three two consecutive years. The good news? The Horns win in Stillwater.

Meet Justin Gilbert, trash talker.

It seems OU Lite cornerback Justin Gilbert doesn't have much respect for Texas.

"[Ash's numbers'] show he’s improved but when we get into Big 12 play, we’ll see what he’s holding on to," Gilbert said. "I think he’s maturing a little bit, making a little bit better decisions, but I think if we get some pressure on him we’ll set him down a bit."

"I’m not going to say anything about the defenses they’ve been playing, but I think we can give them a better fight than the teams that they’ve been playing," Gilbert said. "I think this will be the game where we really see what they’re made of."

Oklahoma State QB Wes Lunt hasn't been practicing.

The Pokes o-line has not allowed a sack this season.

OSU's defense will be the key this Saturday.

If the Cowboys can't stop Texas, and no one quite knows what to expect, then OSU is in for a long night against the Longhorns and possibly in for a long season.

"Texas is not a lot different from last year," said OSU defensive coordinator Bill Young. "They are just a lot better."

Cue the violins. Once again we are reminded how many Texas players are on the OSU roster and the fact that those players were not recruited by UT.

About those horrible OSU camouflage uniforms...

Looking ahead to West Virginia.

"Oh, I have memories of trips to Austin — mostly bad memories," Holgorsen said.

"Playing Texas, you’re up against big-time talent on both sides of the ball. Lots of top recruits. We took some good offenses there, but usually couldn’t slow them down enough."

North of the Red River

Ouch. Barry Switzer is not impressed with Bob's team.

Can we assume LB Tom Wort won't be talking much more this season?

Where are they now? Tulsa World catches up with our favorite fiction writer, Jamarkus McFarland.

Around the Big 12

H/T Wide Right Natty Light

ISU's Steele Jantz wants redemption.

Fight for the Iron Skillet. Gary Patterson and June Jones talk trash.

The Red Raiders do not want to lose to Iowa State again.

Even on a bad day, WVU's Geno Smith is good.

The Baylor running backs haven't impressed the locals.

Big Fox is good for the conference.

A Big 12 team could face the best of the rest in a playoff.

A person with direct knowledge of the plan for the four-team playoff in 2014 told The Associated Press that either a Pac-12 or a Big 12 team likely will be the opponent for the top-rated champion from the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt and Mid-American Conference.

UT and TCU made this top 10.