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Bevo's Roundup: Happy Labor Day!

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


What did we learn this week? [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Texas' defense still has a lot to prove. The Longhorns looked like they'd be in a league of their own defensively this season, but looked very average against a decent Wyoming offense. Still, it's Wyoming. The Cowboys racked up 345 yards and 17 points, including an embarrassing 82-yard touchdown pass on what should have been nothing more than a 10-yard gain. Last year, the Longhorns gave up just more than 300 yards and 22 points a game. It'll get tougher in league play, of course, but I'm betting the Horns will, too. I'm still a believer in this defense, but Saturday was an underwhelming debut for one of the league's most hyped units.

The letter "E" was for emotion. [Texas Sports]

Emotion, you see, is defined as one of the three fundamental properties of the human mind, the other two being volition and intellect. So you can have the desire, and you can have the knowledge, but to excel in anything, you must also have emotion. And you darn sure can’t play the game of football without emotion.

For more on the Wyoming game, see Sunday's BDR. [BON]


Kansas State beat Missouri State, 51-9. [Washington Post]

Read more here:

The Jayhawks won their opener. [Kansas City Star]

Iowa State beat Tulsa, 38-23. [Des Moines Register]

It wasn't pretty but the Sooners got the win. [CBS Sports]

West Virginia had their way with Marshall. [Big 12 Sports]

The Pokes' win was just ugly. [Tulsa World]

T. Boone Pickens is not impressed with Mike Gundy's scheduling. [Tulsa World]

The Cowboys' 84-0 dismantling of Savannah State showed why Pickens might be more fired up for a tougher foe.

"Am I excited about playing (Savannah State)? I don't want to say anything to hurt our opponent's feelings or anything," he said. "I just want to play a stronger nonconference schedule."

Tech bet Northwestern State, 44-6. [CBS Sports]

This more or less sums it up: [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

All told, the Big 12 won it opening weekend 378-113 against a collection of opponents that finished 44-51 last season.

Read more here:

West Virginia's Geno Smith is in the Heisman conversation. [Sporting News]

Texas Tech basketball coach Billy Gillispie isn't having a good week. [Lexington Herald-Leader]


A new NCAA-single game record has been set. [ESPN]

Division III Eureka (Ill.) College quarterback Sam Durley set an NCAA single-game mark with 736 passing yards Saturday in his team's 62-55 come-from-behind win against Knox.

The senior, who finished 34 for 52 with five touchdowns, topped the previous mark of 731 yards, which was set by Division III Menlo College (Atherton, Calif.) quarterback Zamir Amin on Oct. 7, 2000.

Attorneys representing former college football and basketball players told a federal court that they now seek to change the way current athletes are compensated. [ESPN]

In filing to have their lawsuit against the NCAA certified as a class action, the attorneys argued that monies derived from television, video games and other products that use athletes' names, images and likeness should be shared with players -- and can be "temporarily held in trust for those individuals until cessation of their collegiate careers" if the NCAA feels it needs to abide its notions of amateur sports.

No monetary figures are disclosed in the public copy of the motion, filed Friday night in U.S. District Court in California. Heavy redactions of information were made by the plaintiffs. But a source close to the lawsuit -- filed in 2009 with Ed O'Bannon and other former athletes -- told ESPN that the new angle could deliver "hundreds of thousands" of dollars each year to Division I basketball players.

The University of North Carolina is overhauling their academic oversight. [Charlotte Observer]

Lane Kiffin is college football's most annoying despised interesting man. [Yahoo Sports]

College football is cutting down on the cupcakes. [Sporting News]

From coast to coast, David were punching Goliaths in the face so hard and so often, it got harder to tell who was David and who was Goliath anymore.

It's gotten harder every season lately, actually. By now, how shocking should it really be that, for example, Youngstown State beat Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh? That Nevada defeated Cal at Cal? That, yes, absent all the rest of the baggage involved in State College, Ohio beat Penn State?

The Aggies have declared war on AT&T. [Barking Carnival]

Right on. It's perfectly sensible to cancel a current cable provider at the cost of personal inconvenience, time, and money because they added a channel of free content. WHAT DON'T YOU PEOPLE GET?

There's a new Aggie site and they actually have readers. [Good Bull Hunting]

Keep your politics out of my football. Paul Ryan should not give any more motivational speeches to his Alma mater.

And finally...

Al Bundy ruminates on Labor Day.

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