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Manny Diaz Says Awesome Things, New Mexico Week Edition

Manny Diaz says awesome things
Manny Diaz says awesome things

BREAKING: Sources say that Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Manny Diaz says awesome things.

One source is the transcript of Diaz's media availability on Tuesday. Here at Burnt Orange Nation, we are nothing if not well-connected. To the interwebs. Glory in the power of our sources!

Also, Diaz says awesome things all the time, like his comment last week about hybrids.

He also said some awesome things on Tuesday, as he is wont to do.

After the game on Saturday night, senior safety Kenny Vaccaro commented that the Texas defenders have to "get our heads out of the magazines," a quote that likely foreshadowed some choice comments for his teammates that echoed his "give 100% or get out of practice" comments from the summer.

Diaz wasn't quite so sure about all that, according to another source (someone who transcribes things more faithfully than Texas SID) ($):

I'm going to respect Kenny as a leader. Kenny's got leeway to lead this team any way that he sees fit. I do like to deal with what's real and what's tangible. And it's hard for me to pinpoint if we were reading magazines on one play and not reading them on other plays.

You would think a pattern of behavior would develop. The play before the 82-yard touchdown, we knocked their guy into next week. It was the hit of the game (by Carrington Byndom). And then the next play, the guy who was just involved in the hit of the game, was involved in a missed a tackle.

So was he not reading a magazine on second down and then reading a magazine on third down? And again, Kenny is going to get our team right, and that's why he's respected as a leader. But there's more real things that I'm interested in fixing that the tape showed.

Well, coach, I suppose the film would indicate whether Byndom had his head in a magazine on the play. You oughta be able to see in his hands! *Answers phone call* "What's that, this is all metaphorical? Oh." *Hangs up, hangs head in shame*

Check that, maybe the film won't help. But chuckles help all the rest of us feel better about crappy things like giving up 82-yard touchdowns! Subdued woot.

Also, Vaccaro can lead the team any way he wants, just not to Sixth Street pizza establishments late at night. Delivery only, please.

Diaz was asked about the defense responding to diversity and was pleased that his group came out and blocked the extra point after the long touchdown pass, which he followed up with some heavy sarcasm:

Well, there's not going to be any touchdowns that we allow that I'm going to be overjoyed about.

Wah, wah. More chuckles! Chuckles are good.

Stay tuned for next week, when Diaz will probably say some more awesome things. Because he is awesome and that is what awesome people do.