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Bevo's Roundup: Thursday, Sept. 6

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


"We feel like that we can run the ball well right now, and should be able to run it against anybody," coach Brown admits. "We're really confident with our running game..." [Fox Sports]

New Mexico is worried the Horns will pass the football. [Dallas Morning News]

Get this: New Mexico is worried about Texas’ passing attack.

The Lobos gave up 242 yards passing to FCS Southern in a win Saturday, and are now worried the Longhorns are going to try to air it out.

"They are saying, `We can run it, too,’ but I expect them to throw the ball down the field on us. It’s no secret," head coach Bob Davie said.

The offense has struggled to produce big plays. [ESPN]

Two big plays stick out in the Wyoming game. [Houston Chronicle]

The defense will be tested this weekend. [San Antonio Express-News]

After having its pass defense tested in the season opener against Wyoming, Texas will find out this week how good it is at stopping the run.

New Mexico, which beat Southern 66-21 in its first game under new coach Bob Davie, employs an innovative triple-option attack that UT coach Mack Brown referred to as "a modern-day wishbone."

There was a good reason Johnathan Gray didn't play much on Saturday. [AAS]

Co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said Gray was restricted out of caution. The Longhorns had no tape to go on with Wyoming's new defensive coordinator Chris Torney.

"The reason he didn't have as many touches is the unexpected," Harsin said. "Put him out there and he (has to) make some adjustments (to things) he hasn't seen. We don't want to put our young guys in bad situations. We want — especially true freshmen — to have success."


WVU's Geno Smith picked up an award this week. [West Virginia Illustrated]

On Wednesday, the senior quarterback was named the Davey O'Brian Quarterback of the Week following his standout performance in the Mountaineers' 69-34 win over Marshall to kick off the 2012 season.

Gary Patterson would like the Frogs to grow up. Now. [Ft.Worth Star-Telegram]

TCU opens its first season in the Big 12 with what Patterson calls the youngest team he has fielded as a head coach.

"You know I'm not a big patience guy when it comes to winning and losing," he said. "But even I think you have to have patience with growing up [young players]. We've come a long way. Even here in two-a-days."

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The Big 12 plays offense. [Fox Sports]

Big 12 teams averaged 48.5 points over the opening weekend, by far the most of any of the six major conferences. The next closest was the SEC, which averaged 34 points per game, though it should be noted the SEC's highest-scoring team last weekend was Missouri, which scored 62 points in its first game since leaving the Big 12.

Greg Davis is back! [Wide Right Natty Light]

Mind games, Iowa style. [Des Moines Register]


Here's another story to make you like a Sooner. [NewsOK]

Oklahoma may have some offensive line issues. [CBS Sports]


Polls are a bad way to pick champions. [LA Times]

Schools are not going to stop scheduling cupcakes. [NewsOK]

But it’s not going to happen, for a variety of reasons. Most of them financial. Major programs now fund athletic departments with more home games than ever before. Most powers play seven home games a year. Some play eight. Those opponents have to come from somewhere, and I-AA teams sign on because they are willing to play for less than some of the I-A programs that are looking for a payday. If the I-AA teams are out of the mix, the price tag for the I-A opponents goes even higher.

The NCAA is back in the USC compliance hunting business. [Sunday Morning Quarterback]

Why do we even have polls in September? [SB Nation]

The stadium spending spree has cost us all a lot of money. [Bloomberg Business]

Kevin Sumlin's father remembers a very different South. [ESPN]

Penn State has spent 17 million on the Sandusky debacle. [CBS Sports]

College corporate sponsorship just gets sleazier every day. [Sports Business Digest]

And finally...

Start every football weekend with a prayer. [Barking Carnival]

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