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Bevo's Roundup: Friday, Sept. 7

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Texas is coming up for air. [Barking Carnival]

David Ash progressed quite a bit in the offseason. He is seeing the field for the first time presnap and he even showed the ability to use his legs to buy time and make a few off schedule plays. Once you start checking out of bad situations with regularity, the act of checking into good situations inevitably follows. That's the progression I'm looking for in Ash from before the snap over the course of this season. After then snap, I think it's a matter of game reps to get the action to slow down a little more for him and get to the stage where he can make a throw based on anticipation rather than solely on what his eyes are seeing that moment. I was definitely also encouraged by his execution in the short passing / screen game.

It's a question of balance. [Barking Carnival]

Joe Bergeron is a bruiser. [ESPN]

Not when he gets a full head of steam. And that was the case against the Cowboys. Bergeron was never hit behind the line of scrimmage. Physics being what they are, when he crashed through the line at or near full speed Bergeron had not only size but also science on his side.

But science can only get a player so far. There is the little matter of mind over matter as well.

"You have to have a different mentality when you have the ball in your hand; just the mindset that nobody can bring you down," he said. "No one person is going to bring you down. Just whatever you need -- if it's a first down, a touchdown or whatever. That's the mindset you have to have."

The Horns shouldn't have any problems with the Lobos. [Dallas Morning News]

Prediction: The UT coaches spent the week trying to convince anybody who’d listen that the Lobos really are better than they get credit for. Sure, a blowout win over an FCS opponent was a great way to begin the Bob Davie era, but New Mexico is vastly over-matched here. Score: 56-6

It is time for atonement. [San Antonio Express-News]

Should Texas be worried about all those high octane Big 12 offenses? [AAS]

Join Mack brown for some film time. [Texas Sports]

Why can't we find a decent QB? [Cowboys Ride For Free]

The Big 12 is a quarterback's league.

If you want to compete, you better have someone who can toss the rock at least a little bit. Someone who, if you need them to, can carry a play, can make something happen. Might not be the star, but when called upon can generate something positive with his arm or his legs, or maybe just convince his teammates to reach another level of effort.

Texas does not have one of these, and it is frankly shocking.

Malcolm Brown has a mix tape. [AAS]

New Mexico coach Bob Davie knows Texas. [Go Lobos]

Coach Davie has played the Longhorns 11 times as a coach and is aware of the Longhorns' tradition, pride in football and the atmosphere of Texas Stadium.

"I know what's coming," Davie said. "But we can't simulate it."

Maybe the Lobos have a chance on Saturday? [Mountain West Connection]

A closer look at last week’s results for both UT and UNM gives a little credence to that new glimmer of hope that Lobo fans may have – but not much.

Just what is a lobo? [Wikipedia]

And finally...

LSU defensive back and baseball player Chad Jones has overcome a debilitating car accident. [Yahoo Sports]

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