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What Longhorns Fans were REALLY thinking when the score was...

What's up, BONers,

On the outside chance that you haven't achieved total paralysis from BON's excellent analysis of the Texas-Wyoming game, I "one-heartbeatedly" encourage you to take an irreverent look back at the Longhorns rather workmanlike victory over the Cowboys with my always emotionally honest and usually damaging weekly feature:

What Longhorns Fans Were REALLY Thinking When The Score Was....

TX vs. WYO

0 - 0

"You know, I actually miss those heady days of fiscal excess when anthropomorphic Hesiman Trophy winning Longhorn minotaurs with lasers didn't seem the least bit out of place on a Jumbotron that can be seen from outer space"

0 - 3

"Hmm, Wyoming settles for a field Fred Akers still coaching for them?"

More cognitive dissonance after the jump...

7 - 3

"Ah yeah, it's on like Bergeron...29-point spread, here we come...glad I picked the Horns to..."

7 - 9

"COVER THAT HERRON GUY for the love of good scotch...seriously, an 86-yard TD? I guess I picked the wrong season to stop sniffing glue"

14 - 9

"Finally, let's hope that TD pass from Ash to Jax ends the QB rotation talk, also known as, "Winning the Shipley Roommate Sweepstakes"

21 - 9

"Harsin must subscribe to the Monroe Doctrine, which states, "Failing to prepare to use DJ Monroe is preparing to be the new Offensive Coordinator at Iowa."

24 - 9

"Where's the kicker from Penn State already...anymore adventures in kicking like this and we won't be singing Sweet Caroline either"

31 - 9

"Sweet mercy, 77 yards in 17 plays...if that drive had lasted any longer, Malcom Brown would already have his own statue at DKR"

31 - 17

"Ay Diaz mio...I think Vaccaro just got vaquero'd...which reminds me, apparently our Machete don't text, but he does tweet about late night pizza adventures"

37 - 17

"And to think that with Uverse, I could have been at home in the cool A/C watching this on the Longhorn Network instead of sitting here getting heatstroke next to the invisible Clint Eastwood, watching The Good, The Bad and The Sweaty run roughshod over WYO...

The jury's still out on the fate of this season, but one thing I do know, if we can get some decent blocking up front, we can run the damn ball."

Up Next...

Los Lobos de Neuvo Mexico con El Diablo Blanco, Bob Davie.

Better RISE and recognize.