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Bevo's Roundup: New Mexico Wrap-Up


The offense was efficienct. [AAS]

Things didn't open up as advertised. [Houston Chronicle]

"We spread it out a little bit," offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said.

They didn't, however, open things up like they'd promised. For the most part, the Longhorns kept things as conservative as they did last week against Wyoming, although they did exhibit a decent enough knack for turning simple calls into touchdowns.

The Horns had a goal. [Dallas Morning News]

"That was our main goal: not letting them score," Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat said.

Jackson Jeffcoat had the best game of his career. [AAS]

Defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat played the best game of his career – and yes, I know he had two sacks in the Holiday Bowl – because he brought violent energy for the entire game. His separation of quarterback Cole Gautsche and the football early in the fourth quarter illustrated what his unit must do to help the offense: create easy field position.

"That's what you strive for and that's not allowing a team to get into the end zone," Jeffcoat said. "It's great momentum for us going into the next game."

It was just fun for the kids. [Yahoo Sports]

"The best part of tonight is that it was a fun game for the whole team," Brown said. "Players are happy, fans are happy, mamas are happy. You're better when you get to play with more depth and it was good to see the third-team defense keep (New Mexico) out of the end zone (in the fourth quarter)."

Stats are for losers. [ESPN]

Ash's two touchdown passes? The 22-yarder was a pitch and catch in which wide receiver Mike Davis did the work with his feet and Marquise Goodwin did the rest with his blocking. The 45-yard touchdown pass to Daje Johnson? That was a two-foot shovel pass that Johnson turned into something special.

"I didn't do much there," Ash said. "Stats are for losers, though."

Sure, got it. But for those who take a glance at the stats, here is something to consider when considering how long Texas will keep winning games.

A goose egg would be nice in every game. [Dallas Morning News]

"Nice to have a goose egg up there, that’s what you strive for." — defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat

"I thought we made more [explosive plays]," Ash said. "But I think I still missed some opportunities." [The Daily Texan]