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Daily Round Up: Alamo Bowl

That's long been the claim of Texas coach Mack Brown. This youth-laden team was one built for the future, Brown continually contended in the face of increasing criticism. The future started 15 minutes early for Texas. The No. 23 Longhorns (9-4), an underdog who played the part to Tony-worthy accolades for three quarters, showed fourth-quarter mettle and moxie rarely seen from a program whose heartbeat had been faint for several seasons. [ESPN]

Mack Brown and David Ash are off the hot seat for now. [Inside Texas]

Ash needs to give defenses something else to worry about besides his arm. [AAS]

Major Applewhite just might be the guy, [Dallas Morning News] but what is his vision for the team? [Barking Carnival]

Receivers were the difference and the defense finished against Oregon State. [AAS]

Texas co-offensive coordinator Major Applewhite apologized for the war reference but said of the team’s need to get Marquise Goodwin and D.J. Monroe touches: “You’re got to fire all your weapons. If you’ve got the weapons, use them.” [Dallas Morning News]

Alex Okafor got into a zone. [Dallas Morning News]

Unlike the 2012 team, this group didn't give up. [AAS]

The bowl win was a fine way to end the season, but the weaknesses still need to be addressed. [Inside Texas]

David Ash deserves to be the starter in 2013. [AAS]

The status quo is unacceptable. [San Antonio Express-News]

Bill Little on the Alamo Bowl win: [MBTF]

In a city whose history included a wipeout of the Texicans by Santa Anna back in history, the Longhorns were both unimpressive and ineffective. The coaches tried desperately to find something - anything - to ignite their team. And when the `Horns drove out to their own 44, facing fourth down with just less than twelve and a half minutes left in the game and trailing by those ten points, they tried a fake punt - which failed.

One of the marvels of college sports is that you always have to stay around to see what happens next. And "next" would produce one of the most exhilarating turnarounds in this bowl - or any bowl's history.

Bowl Schedule for the week:

Wednesday, January 2nd
Sugar Bowl : Florida vs. Louisville 7:30 p.m. ESPN (HD) (3D) / espn3 *9
Thursday, January 3rd
Fiesta Bowl : Kansas State vs. Oregon 7:30 p.m. ESPN (HD) / espn3 *9
Friday, January 4th
Cotton Bowl : Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M 7:00 p.m. FOX (HD)

Thanks to LSU Football for the schedule.