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Daily Round Up: Friday, Jan. 25, 2013

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The Texas basketball team needs to fill the Erwin Center. Please buy some tickets. [Texas Sports]

The men's basketball could make history this season. [Daily Texan]

Mack Brown stole an offensive lineman from the Baptists. [AAS]

It has been a historic year for UT. [UTexas]

Cedric Benson makes the news again. [Dallas Morning News]

Catch up on some recruiting news. [Horn Sports]

Around the Big 12

This is a crummy way to treat one of your players, Bob. [NewsOK]

The Bears are moving on up. [Baylor Lariat]

Charlie Weis is all about style and substance when it comes to recruiting. [KU Sports]

The Horned Frogs have hired new coaches. [TCU 360]

What do third-tier rights mean for fans? [WV Metro News]

Open Range

More on concussions.

Do you want to know the history of the Pistol offense? [CBS Sports]

The Te'o story just gets creepier. [ESPN]

This wasn't a hoax, it was a humiliation. [CBS Sports]

Te'o isn't a fraud, just a fool. [NewsOK]

How long would Musberger keep his job if it depended on his looks? [Forbes]

Your daily dose of hate for the NCAA...

Just iike the way the NCAA went after North Carolina [CBS Sports]...The NCAA sets high academic standards for student-athletes and monitors college prep and college courses carefully. [Athnet]

Another story about the NCAA. The corrupt polices the corrupt. [Sporting News]

Yes, NCAA rules confuse everyone. [Coach George Raveling]

The NCAA is a parasite. [SB Nation]

Here's the breakdown on what the NCAA actually did. [SB Nation]

Can the NCAA possible lose any more credibility? Well, they just did. [SI]

It is time for change. [SI] Maybe they just need to start over. [Fox Sports]

And your daily dose of Aggie...

When does Manziel find time to attend class?

And finally...

Want to make this site better? SB Nation needs you! [SB Nation]