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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013

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How did the Horns snap their losing streak? [AAS]

Mack Brown talks about the new recruiting rules. [Texas Sports]

A primer for the recruiting challenged. [Barking Carnival]

Two Longhorns made the Big 12 Football All-Interview team. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]


Mack Brown motivational tweet of the day.

Around the Big 12

The 3-pointer is going the way of the Dodo bird in the Big 12. [Dallas Morning News]

A Big 12/ACC alliance might curtail some of the realignment talk. [CBS Sports]

Oklahoma State has a new defensive line coach. [NewsOK]

The Bears new kicker can't contain his excitement about living in Waco. [Waco Tribune]

Open Range

A discussion about college basketball rankings.

Lane Kiffin is no Ronald Reagan. [CBS Sports]

College underclassmen have several factors to consider when deciding on the NFL draft. [CBS Sports]

The Big East is rebranding itself and wants to add new members. [ESPN]

Who are the best college basketball coaches for the money? [Forbes]

Why does the Manti Te'o story matter? [SB Nation]

Te'o has become a punchline. [CBS Sports]

It is post-season boredom time. Go vote for your favorite chain food restaurant, which none of you should be eating because it isn't good for you.... [SB Nation]

Superbowl food questions you were afraid to ask. [SB Nation]

And finally...

Chicago's famous deep dish pizza was allegedly invented by a former UT football player. [Wikipedia]