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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013

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"We remain hopeful that the game may continue one day through the normal scheduling process. Having said that, we, of course, will follow any specific direction from the Legislature." -Texas A&M Resident Bowtie R. Bowin Loftin.

"It will be played again sometime, somewhere down the road. When and if, it will have to be the right situation. It will have to be positive for us." -DeLoss Dodds, 2011. [Dallas Morning News]

Do Aggies know the definition of moron? State Rep. Ryan Guillen's fifteen minutes of fame are up. [Barking Carnival]

Once again, UT schedules the spring game on Easter Sunday. [Dallas Morning News]

Justin Tucker has a date with destiny. [Texas Sports]

Around the Big 12

Self discusses the Jayhawks' winning tradition.

Based on a recent Forbes projection for the current school year, the Big 12 is expected to have the highest average payout of any conference in terms of television, bowl and NCAA Tournament revenues, roughly $26 million per school. Prospective new members would have to bring a comparable amount of value to the table to trigger voluntary expansion. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Read more here:

Big 12 athletic directors met to discuss bowl games and scheduling. [ESPN]

Bill Self does not care for realignment. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Open Range

ESPN's Andy Katz discusses a college basketball tradition.

The NCAA is truly concerned about safety and plans to open a science center. [NY Times]

NCAA athletes may pursue TV money. [ESPN]

The Big 10 may reshuffle conference divisions based on geography. [Fox Sports]

Finally, some common sense when it comes to conference expansion. [ESPN]

There is sucker born every minute. And there are a lot of suckers in the state of Alabama. [SI]

Chip Kelly transformed college football. [SI]

Mack Brown isn't the only coach that converts QBs to safeties. [Deadspin]

And finally...