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Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread

Big 12 play tips off for the Longhorns in Waco at 1 PM central time. The game will be broadcast on ESPNU.


The Texas Longhorns start conference play today. Peter has already written an outstanding preview of this game. It brings into focus one of the key match-ups of today's contest -- the stoppable force that is the Texas offense up against Baylor's movable object D. (The other key match-up is "Big 12 road team vs. Big 12 officials.")

Baylor's defense may be iffy, but the Bears can score. As Peter noted, Baylor point guard Pierre Jackson has closed the most significant hole in his game; he is now protecting the rock. The 5-10 former transfer will be the most dangerous man on the floor this afternoon, as Jackson and company challenge Texas' outstanding perimeter defense.

The message here is this: expect the quality of play to be much higher on one end of the floor, and a fair bit lower on the other end.

So kick back, mix a drink, turn down the contrast on your TV set, and get ready to watch the battle between the best two college teams in the state of Texas.