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Texas vs. West Virginia Game Thread

Texas faces West Virginia at the Erwin Center. The game starts at 8 PM central, and will be broadcast on ESPN2.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

What does basketball look like when neither team can score? We just might find out tonight. As of this moment, the Texas Longhorns are currently ranked No. 295 in Division I in effective field goal percentage. West Virginia is the No. 305 ranked team in this important offensive category.

While both teams are offensively challenged, the Mountaineers have been better overall on offense. In a way, this is the prototypical Bob Huggins team on the offensive end; they can't shoot, but they take care of the ball and crash the glass. The problem is, this isn't a prototypical Huggins defense. West Virginia is currently ranked No. 110 in Ken Pomeroy's adjusted defensive ranking. Texas is ranked No. 5 in overall defense.

So just for tonight, let's embrace all the misses, and try to enjoy a game between two teams who will both play extremely hard.

This is the game thread.