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Get your guess on...

The best games feature a combination of skill and luck, and PREDICTATRON is no different, which is why a player's weekly score will often vary substantially from one week to the next.  That's a feature, not a bug.

Difficult as it is to avoid a few low scoring weeks, the top players will offset those low scoring weeks by cashing in on a couple of monster scores throughout the season.

Last week saw a number of players post strong scores, with 16 players earning 40 or more points, but a full 20 players had a rough go of things and finished with fewer than 10 points... including our leader heading into the week, TheElusiveShadow.

This is still anyone's game, and I don't anticipate anyone pulling away with a big lead all the way.  Last week's top scores and overall leaders are posted below, and the full MASTER SCOREBOARD is updated with all ISU week scores and is available for download (Excel).  This week's questions are at the bottom of this post, or you can fill out the form offsite by clicking here.