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Daily Round Up: Dodds is worried about basketball.

Cooper Neill

That whole job thingy just isn't important. Mack is only concerned about winning. [ESPN]

The Sooners have dominated the last two years. [NewsOK]

Blake Bell is ready for the game. [Tulsa World]

Stoops must have a no bulletin board material team rule. OU's players are being very nice to Texas. [Tulsa World]

Mackspeak. Duane Akina talked to the Austin Longhorn Club. [Brian Combs]

Ricky Williams visits the Clay Travis show. [FoxSports]

Want to attend the RRR? No problem. [NewsOK]

Do you want to relive the pain? I've got you covered. [NewsOK]

Did some moron plan a wedding this weekend? Well, there's an app that can help. [TuneIn]

DeLoss Dodds is worried about basketball. [Yahoo Sports]


Will Dodds announce today? Will Brown announce today?