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Scoring Update (10-14-2013)

Checking in on the PREDICTATRON standings post-OU.

It's October 14, 2013 and OU continues to suck. And for the next 12 months, we have bragging rights. All is right in the world...

Who has bragging rights in PREDICTATRON?  Let's check in on the OU weekly scores and an updated overall standings.


Rivalry week delivered a wide range of scores, but for the most part scoring was fairly low on the week, with an average score of 25 points and median score of just 19 points. Considering that there was a 5 point gimme question (OU sucks), the scores reflect the surprise most fans felt by Texas' stomping of OU.

There were points to be had this week, however, and a handful of players were all over the Texas victory, as 6 players racked up more than 70 points, led by mungus777, who absolutely crushed this week with an 84-point score. Very impressive.  The top scores for the week:

Click to enlarge.


Checking in on the overall standings, rocklicker and JARRODMHOSS share the top spot this week, just ahead of HornMBA12. As this week's scores make clear, however, there is more than enough variability in PREDICTATRON that a long list of players have to be considered within striking distance of the top. With 6 weekly scores still remaining, and your two lowest scores to be thrown out, this competition remains wide open.

The leaderboard is below, and you can click to download the MASTER SCORESHEET (Excel file) containing the scores for all players, both overall and OU week.

Click to enlarge.