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Who The Hell Is Oliver Luck?

It's Just Business

Bob Levey

"There's been a realization in college athletics that an athletic director really is a businessman," Luck explains. "We have about an $80 million athletic department, and you have to figure out within your means how to compete. I think if you asked 15 or 20 years ago, there'd be a lot of ADs who would say, 'Yeah it's sort of a business, but it's all about higher education and values.' We still try to do that. But it's really become a business."

The life and times of Oliver Luck. [Grantland]

His birthday is April 5. [Famous Birthdays]

Luck is a Phi Beta Kappa and was a Rhodes Scholar finalist and a two-time academic All-American at WVU. [Bellaire Buzz]

Business, Government Legal News from throughout WV

He has issued a lot of no comments on the Texas AD job. [Metro News]

Luck was named to the college football playoff committee. [ESPN]

Luck and Archie Manning go way back. [ESPN]

Luck is an advocate of divorce, when it comes to college realignment. [CBS Sports]

Luck participated in a roundtable on business sports. [Youtube]

Question everything is a personal motto. [Washington Post]

No argument from the peanut gallery here. He's not sure he would have a coach-in-waiting again. [Football Scoop]

Like some other attorney I's looking at you, Kevin McCrea. He got a law degree from UT but really didn't want to practice law. [UT Law]

This is another good interview with Luck. [Part 1Part 2]

Luck reminisces on his career at Saint Ignatius HIgh School. [Youtube]

Our biggest question? Can we finally have beer at DKR? [USA Today]

And he plays the drums! [Youtube]