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Jesus Shuttlesworth talks Bellmont at 3PM


Inside Texas' own Jesus Shuttlesworth had the story about the meeting with Saban's agent long before anyone else and continues to have the inside information on everything Texas.

This is the unfiltered scoop on what's happening behind the scenes during some turbulent times in Bellmont. Nick Saban coming to Texas? Will Mack Brown be back next year? This is your chance to ask him.

Everyone needs a confessional now and then...IT would appreciate it if you stop by sometime, say hi and possibly subscribe to speak to Jesus only a regular basis.

To keep some order so that readers can find the questions and Jesus' responses, please do the following:

Place the word question in the subject line and place your question in the Message area.

See below


Rules of the road. Jesus Shuttlesworth is a visitor to BON and is not being compensated for this chat. He is here as a nice gesture to another Texas-loving site. It should go without saying that politeness is expected, and that goes towards other readers as well.

Thanks for your help and ask away...