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Daily Round Up: Stats aren't always for losers.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Stats weren't for losers on Saturday. [ESPN]

The Horns continue to amaze Mack Brown. [WV Metro News]

And, finally, more from Klatt on Texas coach Mack Brown: "Mack Brown has done maybe his best job at Texas to date this season. Think about the adversity he has faced. He lost a starting quarterback that was the most experienced quarterback in the conference and they keep winning ballgames. He had to fire a defensive coordinator – that’s hard to do. So all of that being taken into the equation,

"I’m not even going to talk about (Nick) Saban because Mack Brown could be the coach of the year in the Big 12. The guy has done a phenomenal job. Because of all this talk, I hope Mack Brown wins the Big 12, wins a BCS game, rides off into the sunset and says, ‘Have your job.’" [Houston Chronicle]

A Texas state representative thinks that UT SYSTEM regent regent Wallace Hall should resign. [Barking Carnival]

Earl Thomas may have a post-NFL career as an advice columnist. [SI]

In more entertainment news, John Mackovic is writing a college football column during the season. [The Desert Sun]

Big 12

How can Bob win another title? [Tulsa World]

Everything you ever wanted to know about Art Briles! [SB Nation, NY Times]

Open Range

Now I really want Nick Saban to take the Texas job. [Dallas Morning News]

The Scarbrough HIgh School in Houston has a 46-game losing streak. [NPR]

The Agricultural and Mechanical Department

ESTABLISHMENT OF UNIVERSITY; AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT. The legislature shall as soon as practicable establish, organize and provide for the maintenance, support and direction of a University of the first class, to be located by a vote of the people of this State, and styled, "The University of Texas," for the promotion of literature, and the arts and sciences, including an Agricultural, and Mechanical department. - Texas Constitution

Johnny Manziel is absolutely, positively coming back to A&M next year. [San Antonio Express-News]

Kyle Field is getting a makeover. [@AggieFootball]

As Bellmont Turns Resignation Watch- Day 57

Will Dodds announce today? Will Brown announce today? Will Oliver Luck take the AD job? Will Nick Saban leave the Redneck State and join western civilization as we know it? Or will Art Briles, or Gary Patterson, or David Shaw, or Charlie Strong, or Will Muschamp become our next coach? Will Rick Barnes resign? Will Augie Garrido resign?Tune in tomorrow for possible answers...