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Texas Football Twitter Recap: Oklahoma State and and a Tough Night for the Kids

What happens to a dream deferred?

Yea, this guy is not the least bit creepy.
Yea, this guy is not the least bit creepy.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

A silly hash tag, cooked up either by some kids or the marketing geniuses of Belmont -- and could you really tell the difference -- made the rounds on Twitter this week.

They even made this fantastic highlight video, which adopts the style of the Friday Night Lights TV pilot. Who does Mack Brown think he is, Mack Brown? He's no Mack Brown, I'll tell you right now.

But what happens to a campaign designed to bring the students and fans out to the stadium when the game turns into a disaster? What happens when the Longhorns get run off the field? What happens when, in the face of such youthful hope and excitement, the team figuratively takes a dump on the Longhorn logo at mid-field?

But in a way, this is a good life lesson. 18-22 year old kids are so full of hope, and have such big dreams. ("I am going to be a marine biologist; I am going to be a professor.") They need to start getting used to being disappointed by life; they must get their dreams cut down to size, so they can deal with the next 60 years. There is so much disappointment yet to come.

But don't worry, kids, Dr. Haley is here to talk you through this one. Because I, too, was twenty once, and had to endure the atrocities of John-Mackovic-Texas-Football. After a dull and terrible afternoon loss, the best solution is to party. Go have a few drinks at some strange Co-op in West Campus (perhaps the one that looks like the Ewok Village) and try to pick up a moderately cute anarchist at  a party; her tattoos are subdued and reasonably classy. And then when you strike out with Ms. Vanzetti because you are too "corporate," or too "tethered to reality," or too "trapped in your foolish prison of lies," go back and have a few more beers with your friends. It will do you a world of good.

Boy, the kids are so sleepy these days. But then after the nap, maybe you can party?

No, you aren't getting it. You need to party.

OK, uh, party?

I just have to admit, I don't get this generation.

In the face of such disappointment, some of the kids remained encoraging, in the "keep a stiff upper lip" sense.

While others were just sarcastic and snarky.

But in a way, the calm and soothing atmosphere created a restful place.

Relax. He is young and needs his sleep.

Although not everyone was sleepy. Some people were feisty. It is worth clicking through the Instagram link and watching the video on the next one.