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Daily Round Up: Happy Thanksgiving

It is game day!

Wikipedia Commons/Keller-Creative

Thanksgiving, according to Les Miles.

Case McCoy is not a Tech fan. [ESPN]

Jackson Jeffcoat misses the Aggies. [Dallas Morning News]

The Red Raiders are perfect for getting Texas back on track. [The Daily Texan]

Texas fans need to be careful what they wish for. [Dallas Morning News]

So, when is Mack leaving? [Dallas Morning News]

Football on Thanksgiving is a Texas tradition. [The Daily Texan]

Matt Leinart states the obvious. [Houston Chronicle]

This Austin website certainly is confident about the Horns' chances against Baylor.

Baylor is not going out on a loss to Texas. If that happens, you can just leave a handgun on a pillow and shut the door behind Coach Art Briles. So that leaves Thursday’s Texas Tech game as last salvation for a season of great highs and deep lows. I think Phil Spector and Ike & Tina Turner made a record about this season almost 40 years ago. [Austin Culture Map]

We know USC. USC has been a competitor, and Aggies, you are no USC. [Houston Chronicle]

Maybe Bear fans will actually attend games now? Baylor's new stadium is impressive. [Yahoo Sports]

A&M's swagcopter may have gotten a tacky makeover. [CBS Sports]

Fear the gopher! [Yahoo Sports]

Where does your meal rank? [Deadspin]

Good luck with all that Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping.