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Texas Longhorns Basketball: Texas vs. UT-Arlington Game Thread

Texas faces the Mavericks tonight in Austin. The game starts at 7 PM CST, and will be broadcast on the Longhorn Network.

Javan Felix and Rick Barnes discussing who gets the leftover drumstick.
Javan Felix and Rick Barnes discussing who gets the leftover drumstick.
Jamie Squire

After playing three consecutive games against the Baptists, the Mormons, and the Catholics, tonight the Longhorns face the Godless UT-Arlington Mavericks. The game will be played in the Erwin Center. Good seats, I am sure, will be available.

Last year the UT-Arlington Mavericks had a decent season, going 19-14 overall, and 11-7 in the Western Athletic Conference. This year, realignment brings Scott Cross' team to the Sun Belt, which has the potential to be an interesting and competitive league. The Mavericks seem unlikely to find themselves in the thick of that race.

Cross' squad last year was led by four seniors, and this season has struggled, starting off 2-5, with one of those wins coming against a D-II opponent. While the offense has been OK, the defense has taken a major step backwards. The UT-Arlington D is one of the worst in the nation per the ratings, struggling with every facet of defense.

But the Mavericks do have a few players who can put the ball in the hole. Oklahoma State transfer Reger Dowell has dominated the offense so far, taking 38 percent of his team's shots, and he is particularly dangerous from three. Lonnie McClanahan is off to a shaky start so far, but he also plays a major role in Cross' attack, serving as a primary ball handler. Texas will also want to keep track of 6-6 Brandon Edwards, who does most of his damage near the basket, and three point specialist Jamel Outler.

So shake off that Thanksgiving turkey/peach schnapps hangover (evil demon-water), heat up a bowl of dressing (or garlic mashed potatoes), flip on the LHN (insert joke here), and kick back with us in the game thread.