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Texas A&M now too good to play Texas in football

Little brother is all grow'd up.

Ronald Martinez

How times change.

Now big-shots in the SEC with a Heisman-winning quarterback, the Texas A&M Aggies are apparently too good to play the Texas Longhorns in football, in sharp contrast to the statements made by president R Bowen Loftin two years ago, who called Texas "not relevant" during the spring.

University spokesperson Jason Cook said Wednesday that "we hope to play them again in a BCS or playoff game at some point."

But not the Cotton Bowl, of course, because Texas A&M is too good to play in the Cotton Bowl now that they only play in BCS games in the big-tme SEC. Right? Only BCS games for the new-look Ags.

The response came after Austin American-Statesman writer Kirk Bohls tweeted that the new administration at Texas might be willing to resume the series.

Of course, this simply means that Texas A&M is scared to play Texas, just like Texas was scared to play Texas A&M when it was Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds who was saying that the series wouldn't continue because Texas called the shots.

What happened to "every year, any place, any time," Ags?

Surely, the refusal to continue the series in the regular season is not hypocritical. Nope. That would be a terrible word to use for a school that now thinks they are better than the school Aggies used to call arrogant and scared.

Times change, that's all.