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Daily Round Up: Brown excited to play Oregon!

Ronald Martinez

Congratulations to Jackson Jeffcoat. [Horn Sports]

"We're so excited to be playing Oregon. It's a great challenge. Mark [Helfrich] has done a tremendous job. We can't wait to get down there because we know it's a tremendous challenge to represent the Big XII. These guys are like Baylor. They can score fast. They do a tremendous job and have been one of the best football teams in the country over the past few years." -Mack Brown [Addicted To Quack]

Here's an evaluation of Mack Brown. [Orangebloods]

A Duck has been suspended for the Alamo Bowl. [CBS Sports]

Want to keep up with all the Nick Saban, Mack Brown and coaching replacement rumors? [BON]

Big 12

AJ McCarron would get Bob Stoops' Heisman vote. [NFL]

What else is there to do in Waco? Two Baylor players celebrate the Big 12 title by hanging out at a frat house. [Deadspin]

Open Range

Who are the best college football coaches? [SI]

Please, please, please don't leave us, Nick! [I Bleed Crimson Red]

Saban needed a dose of reality. [All Alabama]

Michigan State has heard it all before. [Detroit Free Press]

Is Bryan Harsin going back to coach Boise State? [CBS Sports]

The best part of playing in a bowl game? The swag. [Sports Business Daily]

Hoops polls have been released and theres no sign of Texas. [CBS Sports]

Football recruiting is such a bland, ??? exercise. [@rfisher88]

As Bellmont Turns Resignation Watch- Day 97

Will Dodds announce today? Will Brown announce today? Will Oliver Luck take the AD job? Will Nick Saban leave the Redneck State and join western civilization as we know it? Or will Art Briles, or Gary Patterson, or David Shaw, or Charlie Strong, or Will Muschamp, or...(insert name here) become our next coach? How many other Jimmy Sexton clients will have Texas as their dream job planted in the national media at the most opportune times? Will Rick Barnes resign? Will Augie Garrido resign?Tune in tomorrow for possible answers...