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Daily Round Up: Good wishes to Brown

Cooper Neill

Steve Patterson denies everything. [CBS Sports]

Brown's buyout is kinda low. [ESPN]

Did Mack just tell Pete Thamel he is getting fired? [Roll Bama Roll]

Need some ideas for Mack's replacement? [The Big Lead]

Here is Mack's farewell speech. [EDSBS]

Here are some pointers for our coaching search. [SI]

Big 12

Who cares about the conference today? Mack is stepping down!

Open Range

The Sun Belt Conference held a gun to the bowl game's heads and made them take their conference teams. [CBS Sports]

Junior college recruits can help a program. [CBS Sports]

The shame of Auburn football. [Grantland]

Where are all the Heisman trophies? [Washington Post]

This is a great story about changing culture and eight-man football ion Montana. [SB Nation]

As Bellmont Turns Resignation Watch- Day 98

Will Dodds announce today? Will Brown announce today? Will Oliver Luck take the AD job? Will Nick Saban leave the Redneck State and join western civilization as we know it? Or will Art Briles, or Gary Patterson, or David Shaw, or Charlie Strong, or Will Muschamp, or...(insert name here) become our next coach? How many other Jimmy Sexton clients will have Texas as their dream job planted in the national media at the most opportune times? Will Rick Barnes resign? Will Augie Garrido resign?Tune in tomorrow for possible answers...