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Bill Powers keeps job as Texas president, no Powers/Steve Patterson/Mack Brown meeting Thursday

The two major events on Thursday produced no spectacular revelations and the third apparently won't happen.

Erich Schlegel

The University of Texas Board of Regents stayed in executive session for two hours longer than expected on Thursday afternoon reviewing the employment status of university president Bill Powers without taking any action.

The four Regents appointed by governor Rick Perry weren't expected to land the necessary fifth vote they have been seeking for some time to oust Powers, who did not participate in the executive session, but was in the building. In fact, there's a report that the vote ended up going 6-3 in favor of Powers, with one of the Perry loyalists crossing the aisle so to speak in support of the current president, though Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman says there was no vote.

In either case, the ultimate result remains the same.

Comments from chancellor Francisco Ciggaroa included a recommendation that Powers continue as president, but only under the condition that he improves his strained relationship with the Board of Regents through better communication.

Reports throughout the day on Thursday expected the end result of no action being taken, so focus had already turned to a potential meeting on Thursday evening between Powers, new athletic director Steve Patterson, and embattled head coach Mack Brown.

It now appears that the meeting either will not happen or has not definitively been set:

So the meeting may have to wait until Friday, assuming that it doesn't happen Thursday evening after all, as the impediment may be the presence of Brown, who went to Beaumont on Thursday afternoon following his Alamo Bowl press conference to visit five-star cornerback Tony Brown and then to Longview to visit the two Texas commitments there.

Since the all-important meeting has been delayed, it could push back the timetable for a resignation announcement to after Friday's football banquet.

As always, stay tuned because the possibility of that meeting happening on Thursday has already changed twice and could certainly change again, but what is known is that Powers will be around to defend his longtime friend if he deems it necessary and for the good of the Texas football program.