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Daily Round Up: Brown Resignation Recap

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Erich Schlegel

Mack Brown couldn't live up to his own history. [ESPN]

He was paid to win games, not be a nice guy. [SI]

Resigning was entirely Brown's idea. [SI] No, it was a mutual decision. [CBS Sports]

The conference is better because of Brown. [ESPN]

What was Brown's financial impact for Texas? [Forbes]

Replacement, anyone?

What is Texas' next move? [CBS Sports]

Mike Gundy is #1 on some lists. [USA Today]

What about Art Briles? He's a natural fit. [SI]

Is Jim Harbaugh getting restless in San Francisco? [West Coast State of Mind] He would make a great HC. [Barking Carnival]

I don't want Les Miles for our HC but just imagine him on the LHN. What fun! [Fox Sports]

Texas needs a coach with extensive coaching experience [CBS Sports], but don't rule anyone out. [Dallas Morning News]

And finally...

A good assessment of the last few days. [Barking Carnival]