Mea culpa

Dear valued Burnt Orange Nation community,

While I place a high value and believe deeply in writing from my heart in a way that may not always be completely objective (I leave that for the readers to decide) but is generally aimed at being reasonable and reasoned and true to myself, in reflecting on my post yesterday evening in which I threw more than a few invectives at Mack Brown, I have come to believe that it was poorly timed, caught up in unsubstantiated rumors, unnecessarily emotional and vitriolic, and certainly made to look all the worse by the fact that Brown's resignation so closely followed it, though the last part of that is clearly the least important.

For that I apologize both to the community and to Mack Brown, who deserved and deserves better than that, regardless of how necessary I considered his resignation to be.

There were much better ways to assess where things stood yesterday at that time. I represented myself poorly and this website even more poorly. Again, for that I am truly sorry.

It was representative of a worst-case scenario that had not yet come to pass and was, at the risk of being repetitive, much too heavily influenced by the rumors going around the program. Burnt Orange Nation has not been interested in the past in being a source of those rumors and is not interested in being a source of them in the future, though I do believe it is the duty of this site to provide a perspective on credible reports and perhaps even discuss less credible rumors in an appropriate context.

As much criticism as I've received here during a trying season, I can assure every reader here that the struggle to become a better writer and editor is one in which I engage in on an absolutely daily basis. To that end, I'm both my own harshest critic and aware of and harbor the criticisms levied against me to assess their respective validities.

With that being said, I would like to ask for any more criticisms of me to be constrained to this post and not taken out in the comment sections of further posts.

Thank you and apologies once again,


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