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Bellmont Smoke Stack: Day 5

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Today's forecast? White smoke.

Look for the daily HC smoke stack each evening
until the new HC is anointed.

Media whore and television analyst Jon Gruden totally wants to be your HC! [Dallas Morning News] He just loves to kick the tires. [CBS Sports]

Is Urban Meyer the fallback plan after Saban? [Rant Sports]

Jimbo Fisher ain't getting into any of these here rumors. [Dallas Morning News]

Urban Meyer is very happy in Ohio. [ESPN]

Charlie Strong has absolutely no interest in Texas. [CBS Sports]

The search committee has been convened. [ESPN]

It takes a nation to hire Texas' coach. [Fox Sports]

BON's very own 40AS talks coaching search. [ESPN 105.9]

People will bet on anything. [Dallas Morning News]

Sit back, relax, don't stress about this...Pat Fitzgerald visited Austin, but he is not a candidate. [Dallas Morning News]