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Texas still the most valuable football program, according to Forbes

Still got that money.

"Cash Money (part two)" by Jeremy Yerse

The product on the field hasn't been superlative for years now, but the Texas Longhorns are still the most valuable football program in the country, according to the annual measurement from Forbes.

Now valued at an astounding $139 million, the Longhorns are still the Joneses of revenue production for the fifth straight year and have a remarkable advantage over the rest of college football -- as Forbes points out, that valuation is nearly 20% more than the former No. 1, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish ($119 million).

A few more facts from Forbes:

Last year Texas had income of $109 million; no other team made more than $90 million. The biggest source of revenue was ticket sales, which contributed $34.5 million last season, an increase of more than $2 million from the previous year. Texas football also collected $30 million from contributions and another $15 million from Big 12 and NCAA distributions.

It's worth noting that revenue from ticket sales has increased even as season ticket sales have gone down in recent years.

In a matter of days, it will be up to a new head football coach to better leverage those resources to ensure that Texas can once again claim to be the Joneses on the football field, too.