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Bellmont Smoke Stack: Day 6


Today's forecast? White smoke.

So many questions! [SI]

Jimbo signed an extension at FSU? No problem. [CBS Sports]

There are reasons to look at Jimbo for our next HC. [Inside Texas]

Ed. note: Please do not hire a coach that goes by JImbo. It is just wrong on so many levels. Trending now on twitter...

Pete Carroll is on Steve Patterson's wish list? [Sportspress NW]

Gary Anderson's losses tell you the most about him. [Barking Carnival]

Some talking heads love David Shaw as Texas HC. [Dallas Morning News]

What are the odds Mike Gundy is our next coach? [Tulsa World] But has anyone has contacted the hair gel wonder?[NewsOK]

Everyone loves James Franklin [Sports On Earth] but he may not  a safe hire for Texas. [Barking Carnival]

Just ignore all that Mike McCarthy talk. [Midwest Sports Fans]

Here are five good reasons that Jon Gruden is a horrible choice. [CBS Sports]

Denials, denials, denials. [Mercury News]

Thank you, HazardousHorn. I needed a good Aggie meltdown today! [TexAgs]

If we really cared what the nation thought about our next HC, we would have asked. [SI]


You know Powers, Patterson and Brown, but do you know your fellow powerful and rich alums?

Note to the powers-that-be…Please take your time on this decision. [Inside Texas]

If you are snooping around the NFL you are going in the wrong direction. [Dallas Morning News]