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Texas Longhorns Basketball: Vanderbilt Game Thread

Texas faces Vanderbilt tonight in the Erwin Center. The game tips off at 8 PM CST, and airs on ESPN2.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Texas Longhorns begin a difficult stretch of December games with the Vanderbilt Commodores as the first opponent. The two teams appear well-matched. Vanderbilt has not yet beaten a team in Ken Pomeroy's top 100, whereas Texas has one top 100 win. It was a narrow victory over Mercer.

For two teams still feeling their way through the start of the year, and searching to establish an identity, "keys to the game" or any sort of similar nonsense seem even less useful than they normally are. Still, if you must have them, keep your eyes on how the Longhorns defend Eric McClellan, Kyle Fuller, and Rod Odom, and watch to see if Texas is able to earn second chance points against Vanderbilt's big front line.

Join us tonight in the game thread, as we toast the start of the December hoops season.