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Bellmont Smoke Stack: Day 10

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Today's forecast? White smoke.

What are the odds? [CBS Sports]

Please don't kick around Les Miles. [Fox Sports]

More reasons why Jon Gruden would be a bad fit for Texas. [Athlon Sports]

Should we scratch Jimbo Fisher off he list? [The Big Lead]

Penn State's Bill O' Brien seems a little expensive. [AAS]

Is David Shaw really interested in moving to Austin? [HC3]

What about Steve Spurrier? [USA Today] Imagine how much fun this guy would be on the LHN. [Bleacher Report]

Or Gary Pinkel? [Rant Sports]

Forget the bowl season! What's going on in the search? [CBS Sports]

Is Texas throwing good money away on a search committee? [Kansas City Star]

We're on Round Two of SI's Texas search poll. [SI]

I want to be the next coach of the Texas Longhorns... [WSJ]

The Bellmont smoke stack will take a few days off for Christmas and will be back on Thursday. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!