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Statesman: Mack Brown wants bigger buyout package from Texas

Apparently $500,000 a year isn't enough for the outgoing Longhorns head coach.

Erich Schlegel

Soon-to-be former Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown isn't happy with the buyout offered him as part of his resignation agreement, the Austin American-Statesman is reporting ($), as Brown supposedly wants a significantly higher figure.

Set to make $500,000 annually as a special assistant to Texas president Bill Powers until Brown's contract expires in 2020,  a source told the Statesman that the longtime head coach now wants as much as $1.3 million per year to walk away, with attorney Joe Jamail seemingly readying for a fight.

As is the case with the pending Bev Kearney investigation, any sum over $1 million would have to be approved by the Board of Regents, which the Statesman says is not likely to happen. And for good reason.

Ever since it became apparent early in the season that Brown was likely to lose his job after the back-to-back losses to BYU and Ole Miss, one of the biggest questions surrounding the end of his tenure was how he would choose to go out.

Brown opted to announce his resignation the day after a wild evening unfolded during the annual Texas football banquet, avoiding a spectacularly ugly ending to his tenure, but it now appears that he's willing to threaten that narrative in the quest for more money.

The news comes shortly after a billboard with a picture of Brown and the words "Class Act." appeared in Austin:

And how are these for some numbers -- over the last four years, Brown has 30 wins and has made $21.16 million in salary, meaning that he's been paid over $700k for every win since appearing in the national championship game against Alabama.

The UT Faculty Council met in 2009 after Brown's raise from $3 million to over $5 million was approved by the university, calling such a sum "unseemly and inappropriate."

Those same words would seem to fit once again as Brown sticks his hand out for more money on his way out the door.

Not a good look for a coach who has been more than handsomely compensated for massively underachieving since the 2009 season.