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Daily Round Up: Duck Hunting


No ducks were harmed in the creation of this post. The dog did it.

Texas is sure Malcolm Brown can exploit the Duck D [Dallas Morning News], but Oregon likes a challenge. [San Antonio Express-News]

Let us hope Mack Brown actually watched some game film before the Alamo Bowl. [Daily Emerald]

Greg Robinson has a tough test tonight. [Register Guard]

Both teams have a lot to play for. [Register Guard]

Jackson Jeffcoat has had a tumultuous career. [Dallas Morning News]

Mike Davis has no regrets staying for his senior season. [Dallas Morning News]

Texas is the underdog in the game. [SB Nation]

Mack Brown was a class act. [Waco Tribune]

The Oregon defensive coordinator understands Texas' relationship to football. [Go San Angelo]

He then said "football in Texas is..." while raising his arms over his head, expanding them farther and farther apart.