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Texas Longhorns bowl projections: Back to the Alamo?

Will Mack Brown's last stand be at the Alamo?

Stacy Revere

A wild championship weekend of college football sent many bowl projections reeling after unexpected losses by the Oklahoma State Cowboys and Ohio State Buckeyes shook up the BCS, sending shockwaves down through the ranks of the lower-tiered bowls.

The Texas Longhorns were certainly not immune to those downward ripples after missing out on a BCS bid with the 30-10 loss to the Baylor Bears.

And so the final SB Nation projections have the Longhorns facing off against the Oregon Ducks in a return trip to the Alamo Bowl, one of the less likely scenarios heading into the weekend, as most guesses last week had the Sooners locked in for that trip with the Alamo Bowl selection committee choosing Oklahoma instead of Texas despite the head-to-head win in the Cotton Bowl for head coach Mack Brown's team.

But with Bob Stoops and his team likely heading to a BCS game with an at-large bid to the Sugar Bowl and Oklahoma State knocked down to the Cotton Bowl, the Alamo Bowl slot is now open with the Horns an easy pick over the Kansas State Wildcats, who are now projected to take the spot Texas looked headed for in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.

Stay tuned for the official pairings as the bowl selection show airs at 7:30 p.m. CT on ESPN.