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Daily Round Up: Friday, Feb. 1, 2013

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We need some good news. Anyone have any?

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There is no good news today in the world of Texas sports. So, if you want to be depressed, go here or here. I'm not linking to anything else today. I can't take the stress.

How about some Valentine Day gift ideas? The Co-op has some nice stuff. [University Co-op]

The new UT Medical school has been named. [Alcalde]

Around the Big 12

The conference still wants a championship game even though we only have 10 members. [Yahoo Sports]

Bill Snyder got a five-year contract extension. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

The conference is not looking great in the College Food Fight. [SB Nation]

Open Range

Basketball is to Indiana what football is to Texas. [ESPN]

There is a communication overload in college recruiting. [ESPN]

What will athletes do to stay eligible? Western Oklahoma has discontinued their 10-day courses. [Chronicle of Higher Education]

Connecticut wants a Student-Athlete Bill of Rights. [Business of College Sports]

Before you make a tacky lawyer joke, please remember most of the BON authors are attorneys. What is the Ed O'Bannon vs. NCAA lawsuit all about? [SB Nation]

Who is really America's Team? [Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective]

Bleacher Report is coming to a TV near you. [Awful Announcing]

Golfers use deer-spray, too? [Sports Business Daily]

Chef Mario Batali has the perfect place to watch the Super Bowl. [@Mariobatali]

Dennis Rodman has written a children's book. [Amazon]

Maybe there is a drug for this type of depression. [Forbes]

And finally...

Former Saints player Steve Gleason player is battling ALS. [CBS Sports]