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Daily Round Up: Feb. 12, 2013

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The times are a changing, Mack. [Horn Sports]

Kirk Bohls is confused. [AAS]

The Horns come in at No. 14 in a CF preseason Top 25. [ESPN]

Bennie Wylie talks S&C. [Texas Sports]

The Orange & White game will be on Saturday, March 30. [Texas Sports]

The basketball season is testing our usual apathy about the basketball season in general. [Barking Carnival]

Here's a recap of the men's basketball team's loss to Oklahoma State. [AAS]

Kabongo is back [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram], but can he save the season? [Dallas Morning News]

We don't do politics, either, but this is worth a read. [Barking Carnival]

Around the Big 12

Sooner offensive line coach James Patton will not return for next season. [Tulsa World]

An Oregon Duck is looking to transfer and solicits a scholarship on Twitter. [Our Daily Bears]

College basketball game attendance is down. [Tulsa World]

Should there be an early signing date for high school football players? [Tulsa World]

Open Range

Alabama and Darth Vader Saban are building an army. [Orangebloods]

Nick Saban has competition. [Sporting News]

The college football playoff selection committee will need witness protection. [Sporting News]

The Patreno family response to the Freeh Report was a waste of everyone's time. [CBS Sports]

There is no way to rescue Joe Paterno's reputation. [AP]

Why can't college basketball teams win on the road? [WSJ]

The SEC spends a lot of money on football. [Sporting News]

Two guys just walked into the Super Bowl game and the NFL is not happy about it at all. [CBS Sports]

Ole Miss is not environmentally friendly when it comes to recruiting. [Throw The Flag]

It is Westminster Dog Show time again! [NY Times]


Kevin Sumlin has some ties to some interesting people. [Good Bull Hunting]

Major Applewhite has a question for Kevin Sumlin. [Good Bull Hunting]

Winning the Cotton Bowl was a huge plus for the Aggies. [Dallas Morning News]

And finally...

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