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Marquise Goodwin is really, really fast, but thinks he can be faster

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The Olympic long-jumper is faster than fast without even really trying.

Goodwin at the Senior Bowl
Goodwin at the Senior Bowl

Former Texas Longhorns wide receiver Marquise Goodwin is off training somewhere after an impressive week at the Senior Bowl that had scouts buzzing about his speed.

Goodwin confirmed on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that he is indeed really, really fast:

So, Goodwin hasn't run a 40 in some time, but was able to just blaze off a sub-4.3 40? Yeah, that's sick fast.

If the time is accurate, it could put Goodwin in a position to run one of the fastest 40 times in the history of the NFL Combine, which goes back to 1985 in its current iteration, though there were several camps in the years prior.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the top five 40 times have all come since 1999, with the fastest the mark set by Rondel Melendez in 1999. The Eastern Kentucky wide receiver ran a 4.24 that was matched by East Carolina running back Chris Johnson in 2008.

Of course, 40 times don't always translate to ability n the football field, as evidenced by Melendez and many others. Drafted by the Falcons late, Melendez never even got on the field for the Dirty Birds.

No matter what happens with Goodwin once he reaches the NFL, though, he has a chance to make his mark on history as one of the fastest players to ever attend the Combine if he can simply match his effort from Tuesday.