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Daily Round Up: Friday, Feb. 15, 2013

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Happy Friday!

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Kabongo returns and all is well. [Barking Carnival]

The Horns will have healthy pitchers this season. [AAS]

Who is our X factor? [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Here is Missouri's take on the DeLoss Dodds comment. [Columbia Tribune]

The T Ring is a Texas tradition. [Texas Sports]

Our little web site has garnered some serious attention. [Dallas Morning News]

Around the Big 12

The Big 10 made a decision not to schedule FBS teams, will Texas teams follow their lead? [Dave Campbell]

Could the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry be ending? [SB Nation]

Open Range

If you are going to get tossed from a game, go out in style. [Yahoo Sports]

Does the future of the NCAA still involve super conferences? [Business of College Sports]

The NCAA wants rules to curtail the two biggest problems in college football. [SB Nation]

A case for career-diminishing insurance for college football players. [Kansas City Star]

Is the NCAA out to get Boise's blue field and uniforms? [USA Today]

The University of Maryland athletic department may be in debt, but they are giving iPads to their athletes. [NY Times]

Toledo player Ben Pike gives up football for his fiancee, who is battling cancer. [SB Nation]

Is there sexism in sports culture? [ESPNW]

Never say women can't be tough competitors. [Houston Chronicle]

What are the best sports tweets in Twitter history? [SB Nation]

Always listen to your mother, Matthew. [Go Noles]


Gotta love Aggies that can laugh at themselves. [Good Bull Hunting]

And finally... Spring football is almost here.