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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013

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Small ball is the key to the win. [AAS]

Augie Garrido isn't concerned about the loss. [Inside Texas]

“You can’t coach making shots,” Barnes said. “All the things we talked about that we wanted to do, we didn’t do.” [Daily Texan]

It would be helpful if the men's basketball team did not lose to TCU. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Mack Brown needs to be proactive about the new recruiting rules. [Inside Texas]

Huge congratulations to Cat Osterman. [Houston Chronicle]

Around the Big 12

The Sooners have lost a few players. [NewsOK]

Bill Bedenbaugh's move to Oklahoma was a no-brainer. [NewsOK]

The state of Oklahoma has a lot of talent in the 2014 football recruiting class. [ESPN]

What is Bob Stoops' endgame? [Blatant Homerism]

Oops. TCU made a little, tiny recruiting rule infraction. [Barking Carnival]

Open Range

The helmet-to-helmet rule will force players to learn how to tackle. [Yahoo Sports]

There are some personnel changes in the NCAA. [CBS Sports]

Someone had to the fall girl for the NCAA blame. [Yahoo Sports]

The NCAA has issued their own internal investigation report about the Miami mess. [NCAA]

Ole Miss recruiter Chris Kiffin (yes, those Kiffins) has his own special way of getting to recruits. [Crystal Ball Run]

Washington Redskin fans should shut up. [SB Nation]