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Baseball Alumni Game Open Thread

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Texas baseball alumni return to The Disch to kick off the 2013 season

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The Return of Drew
The Return of Drew

We'll be bringing you our three-part season preview closer to the start of the regular season, but the always-fun alumni game is today at 2:00 on the Longhorn Network. The schedule of events and expected alumni roster can be found here (h/t Schoolly_D); for those readers in Austin, we jealously suggest you go on out and enjoy Fan Appreciation Day and catch major leaguers Brandon Belt and Drew Stubbs taking some BP. The weather looks like it's going to be a great day for baseball--mostly sunny and hovering around 70 degrees. Did we mention we're jealous of those of you that get to go spend the day at the ball yard?

On the pitching side, the alumni roster includes a couple of Augie's best pitchers from the last several years, as it includes Taylor Jungmann and Chance Ruffin. So for those of you in Texas, tune in. For those of you outside Texas who don't have UVerse or FiOS, borrow the internet-streaming password from a friend. And then go get FiOS or UVerse. Missing a couple of football games is one thing; now it's baseball season, and the LHN is about to get essential. Because this is America. And in America, we watch baseball.