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Texas vs. TCU preview and game thread

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Texas Christian faces Texas in the Erwin Center. The game starts at 7 PM central, and airs on the Longhorn Network.

Trent Johnson and the Horned Frogs come to Austin.
Trent Johnson and the Horned Frogs come to Austin.

After being blown out by Kansas State, the Texas Longhorns return home to regroup. They face TCU, currently in last place in the Big 12 with a 0-7 conference record.

JC at Barking Carnival has detailed the injury troubles of coach Trent Johnson's team. The Horned Frogs are a halfway decent team on defense (particularly when it comes to forcing turnovers), but just don't have any offensive firepower. Their 43.5 percent effective field goal percentage ranks No. 316 in Division I, and since the start of conference play TCU has an effective field goal percentage of 38.6 percent. Holy crap.

A big part of the problem for the Horned Frogs on offense is that nearly half of their shot attempts are two point jump shots, and their shooting percentage on jumpers is 31 percent. Sophomore Kyan Anderson is the TCU point guard and a focal point of the offense. Coach Johnson also has some size on the roster, with 6-7 Garlon Green, 6-8 Adrick McKinney, and 6-8 Devonta Abron.

TCU just isn't a good team. They weren't going to be good anyway, but the loss of their best player, Amric Fields to injury early in the season has made things worse. Texas fans can relate to what happens when a team has to play the season without its likely best player.