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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013

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One Texas team has a strong offense.

Parker French is back. [YNN]

Unlike other Texas sports which will go nameless, the Horns' baseball team is off to a strong offensive start. [Daily Texan]

The basketball team remains a mystery. [AAS]

Who is on the football coaching hot seat for the 2013 season? [SB Nation]

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has Bill Powers' back. [Barking Carnival]

Around the Big 12

Mike Gundy hired former Poke QB Bobby Reid. [CBS Sports]

Scott Drew is leading the Bears to unimaginable heights. [Fox Sports]

Conference recruiting has taken a hit. [ESPN]

Open Range

The RPI isn't all it is cracked up to be. [Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective]

Dismissing four players isn't a problem when you are Alabama. [CBS Sports]

Big Man On Campus Johnny Manziel isn't exactly on campus. [CBS Sports]

Before you sell that signed piece of sports memorabilia from a college athlete, read this. [Sports Agent Blog]

And finally...

And only Ricky Williams would end his speech this way. [Dallas Morning News]