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Texas Longhorns injury updates: Several players will miss spring practice

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As expected, the Texas head coach provided some updates on injuries as the 'Horns start spring practice.

Tom Pennington

The Texas Longhorns will be without several players as they start spring practice on Thursday, head coach Mack Brown revealed in his afternoon press conference.

Among the players who will miss the entire spring are linebacker Demarco Cobbs, offensive guard Trey Hopkins, kicker/punter Will Russ, and early enrollee Doundrei Davis will all miss the spring. It initially sounded like Cobbs was going to be out for the year, but Brown clarified that he has only been declared out for the spring, though the late nature of his injury means he may end up missing all or most of the year.

Several players will also be limited in the spring -- Jackson Jeffcoat, who tore his pectoral muscle last fall, and Camrhon Hughes, who tore his ACL late last summer. Jeffcoat will participate some, but won't be involved in contact.