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Daily Round Up: Friday, Feb. 22, 2013

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Texas is still working on who they are. [San Antonio Express-News]

Another sports writer with another to-do list for Mack Brown. [AAS]

Cat Osterman deserves to have her jersey retired. [AAS]

Gary Johnson will recover. [ESPN]

Around the Big 12

The Big 12 Commish has some thoughts on collegiate sports. [NewsOK]

It is a holy war. The Methodists dumped the Baptists. [Waco Tribune]

Open Range

There is no winner in Miami vs. the NCAA. [NY Times]

Mark Emmert isn't cut out for the job. [Athnet]

Another great decision by the NCAA. [New Jersey]

What does it cost a conference to change conferences? [ESPN]

Projecting the performance of high school football players at the collegiate level is tricky. [Harvard Sports Analysis Collective]

And finally...

Remember when...The Armadillo World Headquarters. [Alcalde]